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Welcome to “The Futures Lens”

Starting a new newsletter experiement
Welcome to “The Futures Lens”

It used to be columns in magazines. Today, personal newsletters are a unique blend of private journals, sharp observations, and deeper reflections. One of my favourite pastimes is to make a cup of coffee1 and settle down with the latest issue of a newsletter that has just arrived in my inbox. An individual I find captivating or inspirational is about to answer the unspoken question: "What have you been up to, and what's on your mind?"

This newsletter is my way of giving back and sharing my thoughts and observations – all of which are works in progress, in keeping with the idea of "working with the garage door up". My daily life sets the framework for the topics. My role as a critical futurist, strategic designer, and public speaker provides the lens through which I view these subjects. My insights will be eclectic and highly personal.

I hope this newsletter encourages more conversations about envisioning and carving out alternative ways of living in a world dominated by relentless noise and gloom. My choice of Substack as a platform was deliberate: I appreciate their community-centric approach, even as I remain conscious of their broader content choices.

For starters, I’ve added a couple of short articles from the last two years that have grown out of my digital garden. Have a look, and thanks for being on board.

  1. I’m an absolute sucker for beans processed with anaerobic fermentation. Try these to get an idea of the taste.