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From Cynicism to Constructive Futures

Harnessing Positive Visions and Prototypes in Healthcare
From Cynicism to Constructive Futures

At contemporary health events in Germany, attendees often grapple with a prevailing sense of cynicism and despair. The prevalent sentiment is a palpable helplessness in the face of an overwhelming system that seems impervious to innovation and improvement. This background noise of resignation may momentarily fade but resurfaces with undeniable prominence.

Personal Impressions from LVL UP HEALTH

Last Thursday, I immersed myself in Leipzig’s LVL UP HEALTH, an event tailored for the next generation of healthcare professionals. Even in this youthful setting, it didn’t take long before the aforementioned pervasive mood made its presence felt, slightly skewing the panel’s core question: “Are we still complaining, or are we acting now?” However, after this initial sentiment, the atmosphere seemed to pivot dramatically. The subsequent Barcamp sessions reverberated with an unmistakable “Fuck it, let’s go!” spirit. Indeed, a refreshing turn of events.

During my opening keynote, I imparted two specific insights to the attendees, drawing from my foresight approach and our collaborative endeavours with Edenspiekermann in healthcare.

The Power of Positive Future Imagery

Major transformations, like healthcare’s digitalisation, demand significant time and energy. It’s all too easy to become lost in the quagmire of daily minutiae. The antidote lies in constantly revisiting and articulating the more significant “why.” And nothing communicates this more powerfully than vivid, positive visions of the future. Instead of getting entangled in intricate technicalities or vague proclamations (“AI will revolutionise everything”), the emphasis should be on narratives that paint a tangible picture of everyday life after the successful transformation. When rooted in tangible experiences rather than mere logical arguments, positive visions energise in unparalleled ways.

My Theory of Change

All of us, knowingly or unknowingly, possess a mental model of how change unfolds. Typically, transformation processes aim to reshape the old into something new. I see it differently: the new should grow parallel to the old. As the new matures and outshines, the old eventually fades into obsolescence. It’s reminiscent of a query: “Whatever became of the old ways?”

In practice, we should continually derive and construct tangible prototypes from our positive visions, making the future tangibly present. This mirrors our approach at Edenspiekermann. Based on profound foresight analysis, we conceptualise possible and desirable visions of the future. This process culminates in forward-looking prototypes that serve as guiding beacons for our strategies and blueprints.

To the LVL UP Health attendees, I emphasised: Dedicate time amidst your daily routines. Work together to shape those aspirational visions and bring them to life in prototypes. In doing so, you set the stage for what’s next. Imagine a day when we look back and muse, “Remember when, in 2023, we thought the age-old healthcare system was insurmountable?”