About this newsletter

Welcome to the Futures Lens, where I, Johannes Kleske, share my reflections on critical futures. My approach goes beyond predicting the future; I focus on unpacking and challenging the underlying assumptions and power structures that influence our perceptions of what's ahead. With two decades in this field, I bring a distinct perspective on how we can shape future possibilities through our actions today.

In this newsletter, I delve into various concepts of the future. Rather than treating them as hypotheticals, I examine them as constructs shaped by societal, cultural, and political forces. We'll dissect how different future scenarios are formed and critically assess the narratives that often go unquestioned. Each issue combines thorough analysis, personal insights, and a selection of thought-provoking content that pushes against the grain of conventional (future) thinking.

The Futures Lens is an interactive platform, not just a one-way channel. It’s a space designed for critical dialogue, welcoming diverse viewpoints from different generations and backgrounds. Whether you’re deeply involved in futures studies, simply curious, or keen to understand the underpinnings of our potential futures, your contributions are an essential part of this discourse. Let’s collaboratively engage and critically reassess our futures, recognising the complexity and responsibility of influencing what comes next.

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